Freelance Graphic Designer

Visual identity and advertising

Spring Design logoBea - Freelance Graphic Designer

My design activities are focused on visual identity, advertising concepts, and graphic art. All my work has involved positive cooperation and collaboration with clients. I place a high value on detail, which I feel truly conveys the concept and personality of the work. I enjoy helping to create a visual language for companies which aim to portray a major brand identity. This visual identity can include a wide range of media:

  • brand identity
  • packaging
  • print design
  • on-line advertisement
  • promotional and sales materials
  • press adverts
  • different kinds of outdoor adverts e.g. billboards, signboards

Spring Design means an individualised and fresh approach for each and every client; I look to find the most efficient and dynamic way for my clients to communicate effectively with their customers. Years of study combined with 20 years of experience and collaboration with a variety of clients; which has included FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) cultural, technical, architectural, medical, and educational – This has given me invaluable experience of working in this diverse field.
There are some examples of my print work, websites, on-line advertisement, branding, and illustrations.


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